Life is a Mobile
Nicolas Urquiza was born in Argentina in 1969. He began his art career at the age of 15, when he won first prize in an art competition at the local museum of his native city of Parana. He later attended "The University of Architecture and Industrial Design" in Buenos Aires but found h is real vocation at the private art school "Sara Garcia Uriburu", under the guidance of his mentor Carlos Bisolino.

Urquiza's art has since progressed to include strong erotic and provocative tendencies, which has at times been controversial. His first exhibition in Argentina was singled out for criticism by the Catholic Church, which tried to censor his work, eventually taking the issue to one of the most notable and popular television programs at the time. With his third show canceled and his artwork confiscated by the police because of it's content, the artist decided to move to Brazil, where his art was readily accepted by a more open-minded society.

Nico currently resides in New York City, where he alternetes between fine and comercial art, focusing at diferent times on painting, photography, fashion, art direction, and various areas of design.
Currently co-designer of New York based team NICO & ADRIAN. His work has been published in innumerable number of magazines, newspapers, galleries, museums, and private shows, between the most notables "Vogue"(Italy), "Art in America" (USA), L'uomo Vogue (Italy), Luire (Japan), "Preferences" (France), "STH" (USA), "The New York Times" (USA), "Bazar" (Brazil), "Numero" (France), and many others.